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She comes to her husband as a partner in toils and dangers; to suffer and to dare equally with him, in peace and war.
Tacitus, on women and Germanic marriage customs (via hyperb0rean)

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Hello lady! Do you know any good tumblr blogs about maternity, raising kids and pregnancy? I am expecting my second baby, but sometimes I am afraid of this tumblr blogs. Is there any you know? Thanks
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I’m sorry, but I don’t know of any.

Congratulations on the baby, though!(:

If any of my followers know of any, please share.


"The shadows come from hell’s hall"


"The shadows come from hell’s hall"

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new dress!

Where did you get it? It’s pretty and old fashioned looking.


new dress!

Where did you get it? It’s pretty and old fashioned looking.




oh my word

lmfao, people are so stupid.

Rollo’s leather armor falls away leaving him bare-chested, eyes bloodshot, muscles twitching. Wolf Fenrir has claimed him. Like Fenrir, he is now too wild to chain; and as Fenrir was destined to kill Odin at Ragnarok, envious Rollo bides his time and circles his brother.

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After reading your conversation with Quincy6811 all I can say is that I understand what you want but thats NEVER going to happen and I totally am gonna move to Sweden/Norway and marry me a white woman and yes I'm a black man so it's going to be fun and we are going to have mixed "race" kids and soon the whole world will be beige MUHAHAHAHA! All part of our evil plan! Or it could just be that love sees no color and I hope one day you realize this.
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"Love sees no color!" "I’m going to move to Scandinavia just to marry a White woman!" Well, those two statements surely didn’t contradict each other at all…

Is there an actual reason that you’re letting me know all of this?

Sorry over the internet it’s hard to read tone I was being sarcastic. I was just saying that it shouldn’t matter. Yes celebrate your nordic pride and culture that’s beautiful and what makes you, you! But I believe that culture is an ever evolving front that will one day mix things together. Also you should do some research about ancient Nordics and North Africa, they actually are more connected than you might imagine.

Culture and race are not the same thing. You can’t love and celebrate your race while you’re destroying it. It took tens of thousands of years for the world to get all the races it has today, why would you want to throw that away in a night? But if you don’t give a damn about your own people, go ahead. I, for one, have more respect for myself and my ancestors and I will not be throwing the genetics they gave me into some weird ‘diversity’ blender.

Agree to disagree. But I hope one day you realize that there is no such thing scientifically as another race on this planet. There really is only ethnicity and culture and genetics are a lot closer together than they are dissimilar. Ethnic purity is a false notion. But that being said, whatever makes you feel like you are doing your ancestors proud I’m not going to get in front of. 

I hope you realize one day that you are completely denying science. I can spit into a tube and they can tell me exactly what race I am. As for the the “sharing more genetics than we differ in” thing, we also share about 98.5% of our DNA with a chimpanzee and 50% with a banana, so obviously a little bit of difference can be a big deal.


Sherwood Forest, Nottingham, England

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One of the pilots from the Blue Angels tweeted this photo from the Chicago Air & Water Show this weekend

The Blue Angels are my town’s pride and joy.

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