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Northwest Florida. Twenty-two. Traditionalist.
  • My German Teacher (in German): We have an observer here today but he doesn’t speak any German so we can talk about him and how stupid his tie is.







This man’s face

You can tell she has a Tumblr.

his face is my hero

there was a doctor at the end of this video who I wish with all my heart had more time to speak because he was about to lay down some serious stuff and was not having any of those idiots bullshit.

From the same video.

"It’s really hard to exercise." 

When TiTP meets reality and realizes there isn’t a ‘report’ or ‘block’ button outside of their echo chamber.

I love this so much! It’s very hard for me to keep weight off, even with a healthy diet and exercise, but it’s not impossible. I just have to work harder to achieve the goal.

And of course exercise is hard when you’re morbidly obese! But the only way to make it any easier is to tough it out and get into shape, bit by bit. Start with cutting calories and getting rid of empty calories all together, then you’ll lose some weight and gain some energy, which will make the exercise easier. Heck, even if you don’t exercise, the dieting alone will make a big difference.

The fitness trainer’s expressions are so perfect. 

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"where the landslide brought me down"


Get Your Weekend Started: Hike through the flowers in Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula.

Photograph by Doug Demarest, Corbis


Subalpine spring || thisemily


Kenai River Sunset by DCSL on Flickr.